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Processing method of double-layer veneer hot press

Time: 2021-10-20 07:20:34Copyfrom: Jiangsu Shuangjing Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd

Double layer veneer hot press,faster speed,labor saving and longer service life.The stainless steel plate commonly used by the press has more uniform bearing capacity after quenching and tempering treatment,and the improved press structure is more effective,which improves the compressive strength and service life and makes the service life of the structure longer.In addition,the main structure is processed by CNC lathe to reduce the risk of structure fracture caused by in-situ stress.The new double-layer veneer hot press has stronger practical effect of temperature insulation and more stable and rapid hydraulic transmission system.The new step bar organization can ensure that the left and right strict parallel planes of the press pressing plate are not easy to get rid of.The daily production capacity of the double-sided paste press can reach 1200 to 1500 pieces.

The double-layer veneering hot press can carry out veneering.Specifically,it mainly includes the following types:

Veneer:veneer with natural grain on the surface of the board.

Paper paste:paste decorative paper on the surface of the plate.

Melamine veneer:paste melamine decorative paper on the surface of the plate.

Fireproof board veneer:fireproof safety wood veneer shall be pasted on the surface of the board.

PVC veneer:paste PVC on the surface of the plate,or paste PVC on the surface of the product workpiece.

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