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Application scope of veneer hot press!

Time: 2021-10-21 08:24:30Copyfrom: Jiangsu Shuangjing Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd

Veneer hot press is a device that heats two parts pre tinned with flux to a temperature sufficient to melt and flow solder.After curing,an electrical and mechanical connection device is formed between the part and the solder.The heating speed can be selected according to different products.Titanium alloy indenter ensures average temperature,fast temperature rise and long service life.The indenter is specially designed and can be adjusted horizontally to ensure that the components are uniformly compressed.Temperature numerical control,clear and accurate.Equipped with digital pressure gauge,the pressure range can be preset.

1.The heating speed can be adjusted according to different products.

2.Weld the joint with special materials to ensure that the product is uniformly compressed.

3.Equipped with vacuum function,it is easier to adjust the alignment.

4.Temperature numerical control,clear and accurate.

5.Equipped with digital pressure gauge,the pressure range can be preset.

Veneer hot press is based on the principle of pulse heating.Due to the special design of the welding head surface,the resistance of the welding surface is very small,and the current will pass through the section with low resistance.By constantly changing the voltage and adjusting the current level,it can heat rapidly through the welding head.

Scope of use:

1.Mobile phone manufacturers

2.Touch screen manufacturer



5.Membrane switch,etc

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